Ecuador 9/2/2013

Quito, looking north.

Quito, looking north.

Quito, the Andean jewel of a city, perched high in the sierra. It’s magical, it’s slightly polluted, it’s ancient, it’s delicious, and it’s home. The first thing any traveler will notice (at least I did) is how freaking close you are to the clouds. All the time. This photo is a perfect example of just that. Condensation.

Since leaving my host family’s farm, the organization has put me up in a lovely hostel, owned by an even lovelier family (photos to come). The organization has a great working relationship with the hostel, so they put all their volunteers and some employees (me) there when in Quito. Word.

If you have never gone backpacking, or stayed in a hostel for that matter, you should. It’s an experience, to say the least. The pool of people you come into contact with are always fascinating, and sometimes annoying. I proceeded to befriend an Aussie guy the first day, and we went on a self guided tour of the meticulously preserved colonial part of Quito. Which happens to be a UNESCO world heritage sight, and the largest in Latin America. This is due in part to the extremely dry climate up here. Here are a few examples of the kick-ass colonial style that dominate the old part of town. No power tools.

Today is Monday, and I finally get to meet the group of volunteers that I will be leading around the country. They fly in tonight to the new airport, most of them from the UK, so I can imagine they will be utterly exhausted. Have no fear, they’ll be greeted by a Fenner, all jacked up on exquisite South American coffee. IMG_20130828_103552_736


I am excited and still slightly unsure about what the future holds, but hey that’s all part of the adventure. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more.



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