Ecuador 9/12/13

Finally. Me time. I’ve walked 30 mins to the nearest town, Quiroga, to write this.

I need it, as insuring the physical safety and mental stability of eight gringos can be quite a challenge. If only.

Yet, they are my responsibility, and hey! my job title is indeed group leader. I absolutely should be there to answer ANY question. No matter how dumb I may think it is. As I mentioned in my previous post, we are in a small community of indigenous peoples. Who’s first language is Kichwa. I’ve learned a bit, but it’s really unlike anything I have ever come across in my travels. The sounds and tones register as ancient to my modern ears. Truly interesting.

Now, on to the matter of what we are ACTUALLY doing here. Our main project has included the from-square-one construction of a small garden to help feed the adjacent school. We worked the land, tilled the land, incorporated compost, constructed a border fence, shaped the rows, planted beans and potatoes, built a water tower, and installed a drip irrigation system. More pictures to come. We have been helping out with other agriculture related projects, but the garden has been our main task.
There are a few of my volunteers that seem less than pleased with the thought of digging in the dirt. They shall soon learn that it is the best therapeutic activity available. Indeed.
I’m going to play the lazy card and throw everything in a gallery. Here it is.
Check back soon for more.

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